Operating werhouses

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You give the goods, we give the place.
Professional logistics services since 2010
Sea-, roadfreight handling

Sea-, roadfreight handling

Sea-, roadfreight handling
- Container loading
- Unit load training
- Pallet construction
- X-dock activity
- HUB service

Contract logistics

Warehouse logistics
- Storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products
- Manufacturing logistics
- Picking, pick-pack
- Web store service

Airfreight handling

Air cargo handling
- Package sorting
- ULD construction
- ULD breakdown

Job offers

Warehouse and other logistics jobs in Hungary.

Gábor Barsi +36 30 544 1597 (can be called during working hours).

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Innovation is of the utmost importance in the life of Cargo Gate Ltd. Our goal is to offer our partners the highest professional quality in the field of warehouse logistics.

Cargo Gate Ltd. places great emphasis on the management of warehouse processes at the administrative, operational and implementation level. In addition to the well-known RFID, RFDC, IRDN and WMS-100 complex hardware software systems, it also employs custom-developed software that tracks the smallest details and features for optimal warehouse management. Cargo Gate Kft. Supports environmentally conscious paperless solutions in this field as well. Our company is committed to quality work and environmentally conscious operation, therefore it operates a certified ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environment-oriented management system. As a company, Cargo Gate Kft. Acts responsibly, respects its environment, its values ​​and its capital to support its partners in the long-term success.

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