The Cargo Gate Ltd. started its activities in the warehouse logistics market in 2010. Initially, it aimed to serve the warehouses of forwarders present in the air freight sector. We undertook the entire warehouse operation outsourced by these companies.

We offer our partners a unique solution in the market by not only taking over the professional and reliable operation of their warehouses but also tying our service fees to the client’s turnover. This way, they are relieved of bearing a fixed cost, and as partners working together, we also share the market risks.

Innovation is of paramount importance in the life of Cargo Gate, as our goal is to offer the highest professional quality to our partners in the field of forwarder and airline cargo handling.

BUP handling

The 3000m2 warehouse of Cargo Gate located in Airport City, the proximity to the airport, and the acquisition of our own Truck Dock and roller ramp have achieved a long-time goal of ours and thereby expanded our services.
With this investment, we have everything at our disposal to fulfill the assignments of forwarders, handle the BUP breakdown, build-up, and provide comprehensive management.


Forwarder handling

Cargo Gate takes care of your shipment from Export/Import pickup all the way to the delivery of the handled goods.

Our qualified colleagues handle everything from warehouse services, air cargo security checks, MAWB preparation, and goods labeling – including DGR checks if necessary – to organizing the transport needed for delivery.

The successful operation is greatly supported by the cargo handling program developed by Cargo Gate, which includes a dedicated client module available to our Partners, thereby facilitating efficient and fast administration.


Airline handling

Cargo Gate provides comprehensive export/import cargo handling services for airlines. Our company is capable of fulfilling assignments for any aircraft type, whether it is loose or ULD-built cargo shipments. Our location makes us particularly suitable for the dispatch and arrival of RFS trucks.



Cargo Gate can provide comprehensive customs clearance services with a 3000 m2 temporary storage warehouse, AEO C certification, customs guarantee, and customs goods transportation options.


Warehouse Operations

Since 2010, Cargo Gate has been operating warehouses, and we are proud to say that we still provide this service to our very first partner to this day.

Thanks to our expertise, flexible approach to emerging needs, and the diverse services we have provided in our own warehouse over the years, which include import and export cargo acceptance, documentation, aviation security inspecitons, customs administration, loading and unloading, ULD handling, pallet building and breakdown.